Our Dentist in Renton Strengthens and Protects Your Smile with Composite Fillings

Cavities and tooth decay are rather serious conditions that need to be addressed before they get worse. When Dr. Shih finds cavities or decays that eat away the teeth, our dentist in Renton WA will usually fill it with a substance known as filling. These fillings are usually either amalgam fillings or composite fillings.
What Happens During Composite or Amalgam Filling
First of all, a composite or amalgam filling is a tooth-colored filling that will look pretty much like your old tooth. The good thing about composite fillings is that they are pretty durable and they can cover up small cavities. To put the filling, Dr. Shih will first remove some of the tooth chips and then fill the gap with the filling. This process is usually done if the patient has a cavity, a chipped tooth, or a gap between the teeth.
The Process Of Adding the Composite Filling
First, Dr. Shih will apply some numbing anesthetic near the parts that need filling. From there, we will clean the decayed parts. At the same time, our dentist in Renton WA will apply a substance that will open the pores. The whole point of this is to allow the filling to have a stronger bond by going into the pores. From there, a special kind of light is applied to the same spots to harden the composite filling. Once that’s done, the filling will be applied. The thin layers are added first then the thicker ones later.
Once the gap is already filled, then all Dr. Shih needs to do is wait for it to harden. When the filling has already been hardened, then the patient will try biting using the new “tooth”. If everything is okay, then the patient can continue with his or her usual routines.
If you have any questions about composite fillings or would like to regular your routine appointment with our dentist in Renton WA, call Pure Dental Care at (425) 223-4318 and our front desk staff will happily assist you.
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