Patient Reviews About Their Time with Our Renton Dentist of Pure Dental Care

Your smile deserves to be treated with the best care possible and that's the goal of our Renton dentist here at Pure Dental Care. This is why we've shared some stories that patients have shared with us about their time with our team. We're proud to provide the dental care they need and give them the confident and glowing smile they deserve.


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I generally dislike dentists from past experience. This, however, is a state of the art dentistry facility. I haven't even encountered some of the equipment I saw here...even the xrays were way easier here with that machinery. The cleaning was incredibly efficient and gentle and the doc seems to know just about anything and everything about dentistry. She also cared enough to stop and explain everything rather than just rush me out the door like every other doctor or dentist in 2020.

Lastly, I have lung problems and felt they did absolutely everything in their power to keep me safe during the pandemic.

- Jared

Having a toothache is not fun! Dr. Shih eased the process of my root canal and got me out of pain in a blink of an eye. Easy to schedule and very flexible. Great atmosphere!

- Araceli G.

I've had a wonderful experience with Dr. Shih! You can tell she cares a lot about her patients. She takes the time to discuss my treatment options and explain what insurance will/won't cover, and then makes sure what I need is done perfectly. Her staff have all been super friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!

- Whitney W.

Dr. Shih was excellent. She is very patient and knowledgeable. She will explain to you what she is doing and making sure you are ok. She lets me know how to protect my teeth and show examples if I don’t understand. Thank you and highly recommend!

- Star W.

Pure Dental Care in the Renton highlands is so good. I highly recommend! I have pretty bad dental anxiety and Dr. Shih has helped so much with that. She takes the time to explain what she’s doing and why and lets you decide what to start on and what to move onto next. She helped explain my insurance benefits and helped me sign up for Care Credit for stuff my insurance wouldn’t cover fully! All of the assistants I’ve had have been amazing too! They take all kinds of different insurances and are pretty flexible with scheduling.

- Cheyenne R.

Wonderful experience as a new patient .
Dr Jolene Shih is very professional and truly caring about your oral health . I highly recommend this dental practice .

- Rinda L.

I highly recommend this place if your looking for a good and honest Dentist. For all the dentist I've been with, Dr. Shih is very professional of what she does. She is very detailed with all plan of treatment you need to do. She explains everything and educates her patients thoroughly. Plus, Not all dentist will explain how billing goes, but with my experience with Dr. Shih, she will let you know which one is covered by your insurance and how much co pay you are expected to pay, so there is no surprises. Not like other dentist, they always overcharge you and you be suprise with your billings for co pays. Then In her practice, she always make sure your visit in dentist is pain free treatment. So If your looking for best dentist here in Renton, this is a must go Dentist and will never regret coming to see her!

- Noel N.

I visited Dr. Shih early March. Her and her staff are very friendly and informative. Everything was explained to me, treatment options and what to expect. Will recommend to family and friends

- Ramiro R.
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